Southeast Asia and Japan

Southeast Asia is formed by the countries of Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam); and those that are part of the Malay Archipielago, namely Indonesia, Singapore, East Malaysia, Brunei and Phillipines. It is hard to find a region in the world that offers a more fascinating diversity of culture, landscape, fantastic resorts, cuisine and activities.

Where else can one find the magic of Bali; the beaches of Thailand; the ruins of Angkor, Myanmar and Laos; the history of Vietnam; and the formidable achievements of Singapore?  It is no wonder that this region has enjoyed the attention of the world as one of the best destinations in the world for decades.

Southeast Asia is also a shopping haven. The most famous shopping destination is probably Bangkok; however almost every city in the region offers temptations: from Singapore with its extensive arrays of exclusive shopping malls; to Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Ubud in Bali; and bargaining is perfectly acceptable.

Japan is a country with an extraordinary history, cultural charm, spectacular castles, beautiful temples and amazing achievements. Japan’s Tokyo is the biggest metropolis in the world and one of the most exciting cities one can ever visit; it is also extremely close to the more traditional destinations in the country.